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Facilitating Networking and Information Sharing amongst Pharmaceutical and MedComms, Medical Communications, Medical Education and Medical Publishing Specialists

This global initiative facilitates networking and dialogue amongst individuals working in and around the pharmaceutical industry and MedComms, focusing on specialist medical education, medical communications and medical publishing activities.
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    "Thank you for organising the publications event on Thursday. As someone relatively new to medical communications, it was very useful to hear the opinions and experiences of highly experienced professionals regarding the issues around guidelines and best practice. The panel discussions were particularly insightful and helped me to see how the guidelines relate to the everyday issues faced in medical writing far beyond my own experience."

    December 2015, Sam Hurrell, Bioscript Group

    "Thanks for organising today's event. I thought it was very interesting and useful - good to get a topline insight from Liz on the key changes since GPP2, and the key actions that are needed to implement GPP3. The group discussions were very interesting - nice to know that everyone experiences similar queries and challenges in trying to ensure GPP is maintained!"

    August 2015, Emma Robinson, 7.4 Limited

    "I enjoyed the publications meeting yesterday. It was cram-packed with information, further reading resources and knowledgeable presenters: another great NetworkPharma event!"

    June 2015, Liz Jennings, HealthCare21 Communications

    "Enjoyed the meeting yesterday. An interesting insight into procurement and a good chance to catch up with colleagues again. I look forward to the next meeting."

    December 2014, Mike Gazeley, MediTech Media

    "I think these events are great - thank you for yesterday's meeting about procurement. I really valued the time spent by David explaining everything."

    December 2014, Catherine Bragg, Geomed

    "Thank you very much for the lunch and learn session last Thursday. It was really fascinating to see the scope of Richard's work and learn about the fascinating world of animation, and it was a very stimulating group discussion on the current and future application of animation in med comms and the ongoing approval challenges!"

    October 2014, Julie Van Onselen, Independent

    "I found Tuesday's event interesting and thought provoking... and am looking forward to learning more at the event in Oxford in February."

    December 2013, Felicity Leigh, Independent

    "I wanted to say thank you for the talk and discussion held last night at EMWA. I'm a relative newcomer to medical writing and it was the first such event that I have been able to attend. I found it very valuable and thought the overall discussion was excellent. It was very well organised and the tone struck a perfect balance!"

    May 2013, Ash Dunne, PHOCUS Services

    "Really enjoyed it - great event!"

    May 2013, Scott Ball, Toucan

    "A really great event, thank you. Well organised, really good clear speakers, a great facilitator/chair and good audience questions."

    April 2013, Melanie Martin, A-Z Medical Writing

    "Thanks for the invitation to yesterday's event, A critical look at the use of social media in MedComms. It's no mean feat putting on any event but yesterday was very well attended, had great content and the audience was really getting involved. I can appreciate how much effort you put in to organising the sessions so great effort and I hope others also found it valuable."

    January 2013, Neil Cooper, Clinical Current

    "Thanks Peter. Yesterday was a really good event with interesting, relevant and knowledgeable speakers."

    December 2012, Austin Ambrose, Athena Meetings & Events

    "Thanks Peter for yesterday's MedComms networking event, Patient = Customer? Healthcare = FMCG?. This was my first of these events and I really enjoyed it. Interesting topics, but the thing that struck me most was the quality of the discussion. People actually wanted to discuss points of uncertainty rather than a lot of events where they bring up something rhetorical and dated."

    March 2012, Nicola Peck, Cint UK

    "Thanks for putting together such a great event about European CME last week, it was highly enjoyable and I certainly learnt a lot (and have already put some of what I learnt into practice!)"

    January 2012, Corin Wing, Ogilvy 4D

    "I just wanted to say thank you for the meeting yesterday afternoon at Alderley Park. This is the first MedComms Networking event that I have attended and I really enjoyed it and found it really useful. It was also great to catch up with old colleagues and meet new faces."

    December 2011, Fiona Barwell, Prime Medica

    "Last night's Conversation with Doug Altmen was the first MedComms Networking event which I'd attended. I learned a lot from both the presentation and discussion and the meeting provided a great opportunity to network."

    October 2011, Aisling O'Keeffe,

    "Thank you Ryan and Nige for organising a fantastic day and carrying out the unenviable task of umpiring at the MedComms Softball Tournament. We all had a great afternoon and hope the event will be repeated next year."

    August 2011, Nicole Jones, Complete Medical Group Worldwide

    "We had a great day at the MedComms Softball Tournament, and would definitely be interested in participating again next year."

    August 2011, Sally Humphries, Nucleus Group

    "We had a brilliant day yesterday at the MedComms Softball Tournament, the activities for the children were great and the vegetarian food provided was absolutely beautiful. I hope that you can make it an annual event and we will definitely be interested in participating again next year."

    August 2011, Andrea Cole, Gardiner-Caldwell Communications

    "Many thanks for such a great meeting about the new ABPI Code, the presentation content was fantastic and it will be interesting to see the changes. We will definitely reiterate the content of the presentation to our in-house staff and Pharmaceutical clients."

    January 2011, Claire Rutter, C2 Events

    "The Macclesfield event on the 2011 ABPI Code was very useful – much appreciated."

    January 2011, Brenda Hooper, HealthCare 21 Communications

    "Thanks very much for organising the talk by Steve Gray in Macclesfield. It's very hard to find events like this available to freelancers, and his update and level of discussion on the new code was excellent."

    January 2011, Andrew Millest, Independent

    "A quick note of thanks for organizing last week's revalidation event. Ian Starke is very impressive, and it was very useful to meet him."

    November 2009, Anthony Gresford, Clinical Publishing

    "Thank you so much for organising the CME seminar last night. The speaker was brilliant and he presented a very complex subject in a clear and enjoyable way. This information is going to be invaluable for my work. It was great to meet you and some of the other people there for the evening, too. You've done a great job and I really appreciate it."

    November 2009, Colleen Shannon, Freelance Medical Writer

    "Just to say thanks again for organizing the CLA event - it was very interesting and clarified some of the grey areas concerning the use of copyrighted reference material."

    October 2009, Neil Godlieb, Rx Communications

    “I thought it was an excellent meeting with the CLA. It was very relevant and informative. We will be getting a license! I look forward to updates.”

    October 2009, Amanda Halliday, Rapier Medical

    "I really enjoyed last night's Networking Evening event in Oxford and had the opportunity to meet several new people. The atmosphere was very relaxed and the numbers attending were good. Thanks again for organising the event."

    July 2009, Vanessa Lane, Medical Writing

    "From a freelancer perspective - always find it very useful to reconnect with old colleagues, to get out of the house and meet potential new clients/remind the old ones I'm still alive! Venue and atmosphere great. Thanks for organising the Oxford event - very helpful to me."

    July 2009, Jeremy Bray, Medical Writer

    "Thanks again for the excellent networking evening in Knutsford. I am looking forward to the next one, and will be sure to spread the word."

    July 2009, Matt Lewis, Lucid Medical Writing

    "Thanks for organising yesterday's GPP2 event. It was very useful. Nice to catch up with so many people too. I didn't realise I knew so many!"

    May 2009, Helena Binder, Independent

    "Thanks for organising today’s meeting about GPP2, I found it really useful"

    May 2009, Rebecca Douglas, Douglas MCS

    "Yesterday's KOL-Industry relationships event was a good meeting, very interesting and extremely insightful"

    May 2009, Kevin Toale, Dove Medical Press

    "The new careers guide looks great! We will certainly be spreading the word, and will let you know any feedback"

    March 2009, Ben Rousseau, Adelphi Communications

    "Many thanks for an excellent evening in Oxford last night I found it very useful, interesting and enjoyable. I look forward to the next networking event!"

    January 2009, Caroline Bracken, Oxford Journals

    "Last night's event in Knutsford was a useful evening and a good opportunity to meet up with some old friends."

    January 2009, Steve Lawrence, Meridian HealthComms

    "Thanks for arranging this useful session - an opportunity to hear from a pharma procurement professional in a non-negotiation setting! Fantastic to have the slides and documents available too, which made briefing my colleagues so much easier"

    December 2008, Beverley Hicks, medical communications unlimited

    "Thanks for organising the last two MedCommsNetworking meetings, CME in London and Procurement in Oxford, both of which were well worth attending for the content of the presentations as well as the chance to talk to colleagues we may not usually get the chance to meet."

    December 2008, Anton Abrahams, Solaris Health

    "Thank you for organising the procurement meeting. It was a very good choice of topic. Really interesting to hear that other agencies were experiencing the same thing. I thought the meeting was very relevant for me and Richard Woodford was a particularly good speaker and choice for the evening. He was very engaging and was very clear with the messages he wanted to highlight. I will certainly look out for future meetings like this."

    November 2008, Shirley Ann Parker, Succinct Healthcare Communications and Consultancy

    "Thank you for arranging a great meeting on the topic of Procurement. It was invaluable to hear insights from a Procurement Manager on where the industry is now and where it's heading in the future. I appreciated the rapid availability of relevant materials on your website so that I could share information with my colleagues at Facilitate."

    November 2008, Ann Dieckmann, Facilitate

    "I thought it was a very interesting meeting on Wednesday, and a PR coup for procurement! What was said was very interesting, enlightening and made a lot of sense. I only hope that Richard can bring the "quality procurement process" to the Pharma sector."

    November 2008, Tim Matthews, OX2P Creative Communications

    “You asked for feedback about this week's networking meeting: I thoroughly enjoyed it - the ABPI presentation was very useful and the meeting provided an excellent opportunity to put faces to names, meet up with old friends and meet new ones. Looking forward to the next one ”

    September 2008, Jon Beck, Anthemis Consulting

    “I just wanted to say thanks for organising this week's event about the ABPI Code. It was extremely useful and informative ”

    September 2008, Sarah Birch, MediTech Media

    “A belated note to say thanks for organising the last get-together in Oxford. I agree - the venue was grand, it was great to have (more than) enough room to inter-mingle and in such illustrious surroundings”

    August 2008, Rachel Davies, Fishawack Communications

    “Just to say that I thought Thursday evening in Oxford was great: a lovely venue (worth travelling a long way for) and really good food and drink – and plenty of it. Met some interesting people too. Many thanks.”

    July 2008, Julie Bowdler, Independent

    “Unlike many networking events in which the 'event' squeezes the networking time available, last night's event in Oxford hit the right balance. Superb venue and balmy evening worked a treat too.”

    July 2008, David Bennett, Oxford Pharmagenesis

    “This is just a quick note to thank you for arranging last night's networking event in Oxford. As a sponsor, I was glad it was so well attended and everyone seemed to be busy networking and enjoying the spectacular venue. The ROI for MedSense has certainly proved positive and we have already followed up on a number of contacts. ”

    July 2008, Marian East, MedSense

    “As a rapidly evolving company, it is imperative that we reach the right candidates to help us to build the right team at this exciting stage in our development. has proven to be of invaluable assistance in helping us to uncover high quality candidates who are enthused about our concept and willing to be challenged and commensurately rewarded for their efforts. It is refreshing to be part of a wider community, existing to be mutually beneficial. This really is a great service, thank you.”

    July 2008, Catherine Murphy, ESP BioScience

    “Just a quick note to say thanks for organising last night’s event in Knutsford. Most enjoyable”

    July 2008, Neil Hey, Bioscript Stirling

    “Just wanted to say a quick thank you for last night’s event in Knutsford. It was really good and I made some good contacts, specifically 2 designers. It’s really useful to meet new suppliers. And of course really good fun too”

    July 2008, Cally Fawcett, Mudskipper Learning

    “The recent publication strategy seminar provided a fantastic overview and update of the area, by two great speakers, for free! I gained many useful insights on current hot topics such as the impact of trial registries, the FDA amendment act, the development of open-access journal publishing and more! An unmissable event for publication planners!!”

    June 2008, Jane Grills, Independent

    “Just to say I really found the Publications Planning event earlier this month very information and extremely useful. As it happens, a current client asked me to get involved in the editorial management of a publications planning project a couple of days later. And I was well-equipped to discuss it all.”

    June 2008, Corinne Swainger, MEDIQUILL

    “These MedComms Networking events are great to update knowledge in fast-moving areas of communication and to network.”

    June 2008, Melanie Martin, Medical Writing Ltd

    “I wanted to let you know that the job ads are proving very fruitful at the moment, especially for senior-level positions. I have received some excellent candidates for some quite difficult roles, and most importantly the candidates themselves seem very interested in the positions. If some of them end successfully I’ll probably owe you a drink or two!”

    June 2008, Matthew McGinley, Nonstop Pharma Recruitment

    “The MedComms Networking events are really well worth attending, a great combination of education and opportunities to meet old friends and new people involved in this sphere of work. I have found they have increased my knowledge and I have made several contacts that have proved worthwhile from a business point of view”

    June 2008, Judith Grice, PharmaCodes Medical Communications

    "MedComms Networking provides an important forum for the UK-based medical communications, medical publishing and medical education sectors to come together to share knowledge and build contacts. We have found MedComms Networking to be an important channel to reaching new contacts in these sectors”

    June 2008, Leighton Chipperfield, Publisher, Elsevier

    "NetworkPharma's MedComms Networking events are topical, stimulating and fun, and the more new faces they attract, the more interesting they get."

    June 2008, Sarah Redston, Health Press

    "MedComms Networking is an effective initiative that fills a huge void in this industry. It stimulates new connections and relationships, provides opportunities to learn from specialists and draws together a resource of essential, up-to-date, industry knowledge and information.

    Every company, employee and self-employed professional will find a way to benefit themselves, their business or their clients by getting involved."

    June 2008, Katia Chrysostomou, Founder and Principal Coach, excellaspro


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