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Facilitating Networking and Information Sharing amongst Pharmaceutical and MedComms, Medical Communications, Medical Education and Medical Publishing Specialists

This global initiative facilitates networking and dialogue amongst individuals working in and around the pharmaceutical industry and MedComms, focusing on specialist medical education, medical communications and medical publishing activities.
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    The following webcasts are all relevant to the specialist areas of Medical Education, Medical Communications and Medical Publishing and are just the latest in a growing collection of freely accessible, streamed programmes available at

    Ensuring Integrity in Scientific Publications in the face of AI

    Instances of peer-reviewed publications now appearing in their final published form with obvious AI prompts still included in the text, have sparked lively social media discussion about the basic integrity of the scientific publications process. Is it in fact fit for purpose? In this webinar, we will talk about the practicalities involved in publishing a peer-review paper and who is involved in what steps. We'll discuss how AI tools are already being used by authors, other contributors, peer-reviewers and the production teams themselves. We'll highlight the pitfalls and we'll think about how these tools can be built into the process while maintaining the high level of trust in the integrity of scientific publishing that is so important for everyone. On our panel we will be joined by Laura Dormer (Becaris Publishing), Hamish McDougall (SAGE Publishing) and Jonathan Patience (Taylor and Francis). And we answer questions from the audience.

    This recording was made on 22 May 2024 as a MedComms Networking webinar.


    Driving Professional Development in Medical Communications: A Call to Action

    In this webinar we will be joined by Hannah Brocklehurst, Rebecca Douglas, Holly Oates and Helena Williams from IPG Health. Join us for discussions exploring the needs of an evolving talent pool in medcomms. We'll discuss how our expectations of skillsets have evolved over the last decade and where advances in the industry might take us from a talent perspective. We'll show research looking at the working preferences of different generations and discuss how, as a business, we've responded to the challenge of supporting the development of our multigenerational workforce. This session is a "call to action" for medcomms professionals - how do you drive your professional development and facilitate the development of others? And we answer questions from the audience.

    This recording was made on 15 May 2024 as a MedComms Networking webinar.


    Using artificial intelligence (AI) to generate fit-for-purpose Plain Language Summaries (PLS)

    The inherent benefits in providing greater accessibility to scientific research for non-specialist audiences is now well established. However, evidence to date shows that most PLSs are difficult to read for a lay population without medical education, and generally fail to meet the recommended readability levels required for healthcare information. In this webinar we hear about a series of studies (hot off the press from ISMPP US 2024) that demonstrate the time-, effort-, and quality-benefits of using AI to facilitate the generation of PLSs. We are joined by Tom Grant (UCB), David McMinn (Sorcero), Walter Bender (Sorcero) and Laura Watts (Lumanity) for an engaging and interactive session. And we answer questions from the audience.

    This recording was made on 08 May 2024 as a MedComms Networking webinar.


    The Power of Pro Bono in Medical Communications

    Do you want to make more of a difference? Join us to explore the benefits (and downsides) of pro bono work in the medical communications sector. Join Jennie Talman (Passion Partnership), Sarah Wynn (Unique) and Liz Southey (The Salve Health) to learn why pro bono is an essential part of a comprehensive Environmental, Social and Governance strategy, thereby supporting not-for-profit healthcare organisations in an impactful way. Explore how pro bono engagements benefit both clients and agencies, fostering creativity, employee engagement, and strategic growth. We also discuss practical tips for successful pro bono projects and how intentional planning can make pro bono a rewarding endeavour with lasting effect. And we answer questions from the audience.

    This recording was made on 01 May 2024 as a MedComms Networking webinar.


    The Power of Raw and Honest Storytelling in MedComms

    This webinar features two presenters from Same but Different: Ceridwen Hughes shares hands-on experiences and personal insights, while Sally Stringer delves into the history and psychology of storytelling. Learn about how an unstructured approach fosters novel insights and discover how scene-based imagery enhances adult narratives, making them not only attractive but also evoking curiosity. Film clips and examples will illustrate the power of raw storytelling, creating a captivating session on the art and science of compelling healthcare professional and patient accounts. And we answer questions from the audience.

    This recording was made on 20 March 2024 as a MedComms Networking webinar.


    Using Copilot in MedComms: The Good and the Not So Good News

    Copilot, Microsoft's AI product, could be a powerful tool for enhancing productivity in MedComms, but it is not without its shortcomings. In this webinar we are joined by Tania Sultana (medical writer) and Mario Morel (digital teamwork specialist) from Foremost Medical Communications, who explore the benefits as well as the challenges for medical writers of using Copilot. They provide insights to help maximize its potential through a live demonstration. And we answer questions from the audience.

    This recording was made on 14 March 2024 as a MedComms Networking webinar.


    Transforming the way Healthcare Businesses Communicate using Enterprise-Level Generative AI

    Discover how AI is revolutionizing content creation, streamlining processes, and improving engagement across the healthcare industry. Speakers include Zayed Yasin, MD, Writer's Head of Healthcare, and Sam Pitkeathly, Senior Account Executive. Learn how AI empowers MedComms professionals to deliver accurate, personalized information and optimize efficiency in their writing. We hear about how the implementation of an integrated platforms for enterprise generative AI can accelerate growth, increase productivity, and ensure governance, followed by an open discussion. And we answer questions from the audience.

    This recording was made on 13 March 2024 as a MedComms Networking webinar.


    How do we ensure ethical and authentic use of AI in healthcare comms?

    Trust? Authenticity? Inclusivity? These are just some of the topics healthcare communications agency Cuttsy+Cuttsy have been exploring as they adopt an ethical approach to gen-AI within their business. But the field is rapidly changing and this is something we all need to get right, fast. At this webinar, representatives from Cuttsy+Cuttsy, Joe Hance, Jon Hume and Philippa Pristera, will share and discuss practicalities from their own ethical framework, and then open up to questions and comments from the audience for a pragmatic and open conversation - how do we ensure authentic use of AI within the industry? What approaches work best? How do we keep up? And we answer questions from the audience.

    This recording was made on 06 March 2024 as a MedComms Networking webinar.


    Working effectively in healthcare communications: Turning stress into a force for good

    It's a proven fact that the perfect blend of pressure and stress improves performance; helping individuals, teams and organisations work faster, think sharper, grow through challenge, and unlock their potential. During this session, Paul Hutchings (fox&cat) and Catherine Keddie (CK Coaching and Consulting) cover:

    * the latest insights and data around how stress is affecting the communications industry
    * the different types of stress (from the types that help us grow, to the types that have negative consequences, if left unchecked)
    * how to identify which type of stress you are experiencing
    * some options on what you can do to manage stress appropriately

    They also talk to us about an exciting new approach to helping agencies and their people manage the pressure and stress that come with working in communications in a more healthy and manageable way.

    Together, we can create an industry where the natural levels of pressure and stress that come with the role are used as a force for good, rather than us feeling crushed by it. And we answer questions from the audience.

    This recording was made on 28 February 2024 as a MedComms Networking webinar.


    Achieving true globally aligned sci comms - can tech really help de-silo the pharma industry?

    In this webinar we are joined by Daniel Gibbs (co-Founder, 9LABS), Justin Erswell (Head of Product, 9LABS) and Eve Guichard, CMPP (Chief Scientific Officer, LiNK Health Group), to reflect on the importance of globally aligned and integrated scientific communications, and some of the traditional challenges to achieving this. We explore how, through the evolving nature of medcomms, innovation and tech can facilitate the 'de-siloing' of pharma, and lead to better aligned and effective integrated communications. We explore tangible and existing ways in which the industry is already using innovation, including AI, to meet these aims - starting with the backbone of strategic scientific communications, the Scientific Communications Platform (SCP). And we answer questions from the audience.

    This recording was made on 21 February 2024 as a MedComms Networking webinar.



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