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    MedComms Networking - 11 April 2023


    Last week's webinar, AI tools for medical writers - turkeys voting for Christmas? was fun! And a large crowd attended. The recording is now freely available to everyone, as always, at Kudos to Lisa Chamberlain James, Barry Drees and Jamie Norman from Trilogy Writing & Consulting for sharing insights and experiences.

    The conclusion? "Smart turkeys" will probably be OK! But AI is already being used and is disrupting some workflows. There are obvious implications, and probably many less obvious ones. Unintended consequences undoubtedly have yet to play out. Quite how far and how fast we go, in what specific areas of MedComms, is maybe up for discussion. But ignore it at your peril!

    I think we should all at least play a little. And maybe think a lot. There's surely no turning back, despite the call for a Giant Pause. What we have seen so far, in the past few weeks alone, appears potentially transformative. I've no idea how it will play out, though.

    I do know some MedComms agencies that prohibit staff from using ChatGPT, which seems short-sighted to me. I know other MedComms agencies that have already developed written policies, around transparency and enabling audit trails to determine where and when tools like ChatGPT are used in a project. I know some folks in and around MedComms who are simply ignoring the noise and carrying on business as usual.

    For your next coffee break, here's some LinkedIn discussions, linking to articles you might find interesting. I'm linking to discussions and not direct to the articles because that way you can see some useful comments and hopefully add your own thoughts.

  • AI in Medical Writing: 10 Essential Tips for Effective Prompt Engineering
  • Guardian Editorial: ChatGPT is making up fake Guardian articles.
  • Five dumb ways of using ChatGPT for academic purposes - and five smart
  • Best Practices for Using AI When Writing Scientific Manuscripts

    It's tempting now to simply run #MedComms webinars about AI technologies and their applications, but we've a great selection of other topics coming up.

    Tomorrow we talk about freelancing with specialist MedComms freelancers Julia Davies, Vicki Evans, Odel Soren and Kathryn White.

    Next week, I'm delighted that Trishna Bharadia, Patient Engagement Expert and Advocate, will join me for a wide-ranging conversation encompassing publications, diversity and inclusion, good patient engagement practice and advocacy activities. Please join us. Everyone's welcome..

    But if you are getting a taste for AI, the series continues...

    AI today and tomorrow: Real-world applications for MedComms will be led by Jess Ingram, Natasha Singh Kent and James Turnbull from brand new MedComms agency Camino Communications on 3 May.

    And I've asked Katja Martin to join me on 10 May to talk about Effective Prompt Engineering and Practical Applications. Katja posted a blog last week, Prompt Engineering and Beyond: It’s the Human Touch that Powers Generative AI Success, and says she is confident it will be out-dated by the time we meet on 10 May!

    Great fun! There's lots more coming. Stay well, everyone.


    Peter Llewellyn
    Managing Director, NetworkPharma Ltd
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