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Facilitating Networking and Information Sharing amongst Pharmaceutical and MedComms, Medical Communications, Medical Education and Medical Publishing Specialists

This global initiative facilitates networking and dialogue amongst individuals working in and around the pharmaceutical industry and MedComms, focusing on specialist medical education, medical communications and medical publishing activities.
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    WHAT'S HAPPENING - [view previous events]

    MedComms Networking has evolved from what was largely UK-based activity but now embraces a global community of medical communications specialists, and we welcome participation by anyone working in or around MedComms and the global Pharma industry, anywhere in the world. I am particularly keen to see the development of activities led by other individuals and specifically based in other regions so if you would like to act as a local organiser for - or you would like to provide funding for - such events please contact me directly.

    I'm always happy to chat and all feedback is welcome, so give me a shout anytime or please post your thoughts to the MedComms Networking Linkedin group for discussion.

    Scroll down to see details of activities that are planned for the coming months.

    Meantime, you can see reports of all the previous meetings here.


    Peter Llewellyn

    Healthcare speaks many languages: the role and impact of MedComms content in translation

    Venue: Global
    Date: 12.00 midday-13.00 UK time, Wednesday 31 May 2023

    Effective communication is essential to healthcare delivery, but language barriers can significantly impact quality and cost of care. To help address this challenge, medical communications materials in translation promote engagement and outcomes for stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem. Furthermore, multilingual content is a demonstration of equity and inclusion in healthcare, as part of a multi- or omnichannel medical communications strategy. These considerations in mind, in this webinar we'll discuss how MedComms content in translation capably supports development and clinical outcomes across the product lifecycle. Our panellists today are Carrie Brubaker (Independent Consultant, Medical Affairs & Communications Strategy), Amanda Ryan (President, G3 Life Sciences) and Helen Williams (Founder, The Word Desk). And we answer questions from the audience.


    Beyond the Page: The role of MedComms in creating impactful online education courses for healthcare

    Venue: Global
    Date: 12.00 midday-13.00 UK time, Wednesday 07 June 2023

    In this webinar we will discuss how best to apply the skills of content curation and learning design in developing effective e-learning programmes for healthcare professionals (HCPs). We'll review the importance of multi-media story-telling and talk about the review, edit and approval stages of the project, and the involvement of evaluation tools. What defines a good online platform to deliver successful e-learning projects and, crucially, what do the HCP learners want in practice? Our panellists are Debbie Cockayne (Founder and Managing Director at Page Medical Communications), Christina Melidou (Healthcare Partnerships Manager at Future Learn) and April Chan (Medical Advisor to G-Med). And we answer questions from the audience.


    Aligning company and individual values - the Lucid Group value transformation

    Venue: Global
    Date: 12.00 midday-13.00 UK time, Thursday 08 June 2023

    Following a period of rapid growth and multiple acquisitions Lucid Group recently underwent an employee-led initiative to create a new value and anti-value set, underpinning their culture and the way colleagues at Lucid come together. Join this session to hear from Olivia Emirali (Talent Acquisition & People Operations Director), Henry Litchfield (Head of Talent and Learning) and Nigel Horn (Managing Director, Bluedog) about the journey they went on to create a new value set that spoke to multiple geographies, teams and functions, as well as helpful advice on how to use company values when looking to start your career in MedComms.


    14 JUNE IS #MEDCOMMS DAY 2023!


    Today we'll be celebrating a day in the life of MedComms. We start with the sun rising in New Zealand and finish with it setting over San Francisco. Follow #MedComms on your favourite social media platform and join the celebrations. Shout out "Happy #MedComms Day" and ideally share photos and news of what you are up to on the day.

    As always, we'll be running some special events. And we expect to see other events being run by other individuals and organisations from across the #MedComms world. Please let us know about any activities you are planning.

    Open Access: How the evolving policy landscape is changing research publishing
    Organiser: Asia Pacific MedComms Network
    Venue: Global
    Date: 09:30-10:30 (Beijing/Singapore) | 10:30-11:30 (Tokyo) | 11:30-12:30 (Melbourne/Sydney) | 13:30-14:30 (Auckland) Wednesday 14 June 2023

    At this meeting, Alice Wood (Wiley Asia Pacific, Australia) will discuss open access publishing, with a focus on the transformational open access agreements that Wiley has begun implementing across Asia Pacific and what that means for stakeholders throughout the region. After the presentation, we'll go into breakout rooms for informal discussions and networking. If you are not in the Asia Pacific region and you'd like to join, you are very welcome, too!


    Monster Academy: How to Break Into MedComms
    Organiser: Word Monster
    Venue: Global
    Date: 09.45-12.00 UK time, Wednesday 14 June 2023

    Join us for a one-of-a-kind, free, digital event focused on the medical communications industry and how to break into it. With talks from industry professionals, head of Monster Academy, personal testimonials, and more... you won't wanna miss this!


    Informal gathering: MedComms Freelancers based in (or near to) Sussex, UK
    Organiser: Julia Davies, Freelance Medical Editor and Coach
    Venue: Venue: The Coast Cafe, Worthing, UK
    Date: 10.00 UK time, Wednesday 14 June 2023

    Meet for coffee, cake and walk along the beach.


    MedComms: Future directions

    Organiser: NetworkPharma
    Venue: Global
    Date: 12.00 midday-13.00 UK time, Wednesday 14 June 2023

    On #MedComms Day 2023, a panel of senior, experienced MedComms leaders will take stock and look to the years ahead for our business. Is MedComms still booming? How are new working practices bedding in since the pandemic? Are we really listening to - and acting on - the voices of patients? What of new technologies? Is there a place for AI tools in MedComms? Is the future bright for MedComms? Our panel will include Annette Keith (Head of Editorial at Langland), Gary Lyons (Head of Strategy and Excellence at Fishawack Health) and Jane Smith (Director at AMICULUM). And we answer questions from the audience.


    A spotlight on careers in #MedComms

    Organiser: AMBIT
    Venue: Global
    Date: 16.00-17.00 UK time, Wednesday 14 June 2023

    To celebrate #MedComms day on Wednesday 14th June, Ambit is hosting "A spotlight on careers in #MedComms", a virtual event where industry professionals will provide valuable insights into the world of healthcare communications. Join between 16:00 – 17:00 BST, for an interactive panel session featuring guest speakers from different MedComms agencies who will share their experiences and provide top tips on how to start your career in the industry.



    Organiser: NetworkPharma
    Venue: Global
    Date: 18.00 wine o'clock - 19.00 UK time, Wednesday 14 June 2023

    These online Huddles are primarily for MedComms Workbook subscribers but, in the spirit of the moment, any other freelancers and interested parties are welcome to join us and raise a glass to wish ourselves a "Happy #MedComms Day!" So, feel free to spread the word. #MedCommsPets welcomed, of course!


    Zenopa's Healthcare Communication's Talent Insight Survey (UK) 2023

    Venue: Global
    Date: 12.00 midday-13.00 UK time, Wednesday 21 June 2023

    In this webinar, representatives from Zenopa will review the key findings from their Healthcare Communication's Talent Insight Survey (UK) 2023, which was conducted 15 May - 09 June 2023. This survey is designed to provide valuable insights to both employers and employees in the sector. And we answer questions from the audience.


    FirstMedCommsJob: Introduction to MedComms

    Venue: The Medical School, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TT
    Date: 10.30-15.00 UK time, Thursday 22 June 2023

    Once again we expect to welcome a large enthusiastic audience to meet with representatives from leading medical communications employers that serve the global pharmaceutical industry. This will be a highly engaging session that demonstrates how MedComms offers attractive career options. We will provide insights into the working lives of medical writers, editors, account managers and others across the specialist business. It's a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with MedComms specialists and to ask all the questions you want answers to. We'll be joined by representatives from these leading employers: AMICULUM, Aspire Scientific, Certara Insight, Collected Group, Fishawack Health, Healthcare Consultancy Group (HCG), Inizio Medical, IPG Health Medical Communications, NexGen Healthcare Communications, performance-io, Prime Global and Word Monster.


    Master's course in Science and Health Communication - University of Dundee and AMICULUM

    Venue: Global
    Date: 12.00 midday-13.00 UK time, Wednesday 28 June 2023

    In this webinar, panellists from the University of Dundee and AMICULUM will share more information about the new Master's course in Science and Health Communication launching in September 2023. This course has been specifically designed to prepare you with the knowledge and skills required for a career in science and healthcare communications. Join us to learn more about the course from our expert panel including Erin Hardee, Schools Outreach Organiser and programme co-lead, and Marios Stavridis, Associate Dean for Learning and teaching, from the University of Dundee, with Sheetal Patel and Nicola Duckworth from AMICULUM. And we answer questions from the audience.


    All about freelancing in MedComms

    Venue: Global
    Date: 12.00 midday-14.30 UK time, Wednesday 05 July 2023

    Booked. Watch this space for more details...

    We'll run this is an extended webinar. For more information, please contact Peter Llewellyn


    *** IMPORTANT ***

    Zenopa's Healthcare Communication's Talent Insight Survey (UK) 2023

    Get ready to uncover the latest trends in salaries and benefits in the UK's Healthcare Communications industry!

    Closes 9 June 2023


    Celebrate a Day in the Life of MedComms on #MedComms Day 14 June 2023

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    Zenopa is one of the UK's leading recruiters in the medical and healthcare communications industry


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