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Facilitating Networking and Information Sharing amongst Pharmaceutical and MedComms, Medical Communications, Medical Education and Medical Publishing Specialists

This global initiative facilitates networking and dialogue amongst individuals working in and around the pharmaceutical industry and MedComms, focusing on specialist medical education, medical communications and medical publishing activities.
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    WHAT'S HAPPENING - [view previous events]

    MedComms Networking has evolved from what was largely UK-based activity but now embraces a global community of medical communications specialists, and we welcome participation by anyone working in or around MedComms and the global Pharma industry, anywhere in the world. I am particularly keen to see the development of activities led by other individuals and specifically based in other regions so if you would like to act as a local organiser for - or you would like to provide funding for - such events please contact me directly.

    I'm always happy to chat and all feedback is welcome, so give me a shout anytime or please post your thoughts to the MedComms Networking Linkedin group for discussion.

    Scroll down to see details of activities that are planned for the coming months.

    Meantime, you can see reports of all the previous meetings here.


    Peter Llewellyn

    These occasional one hour online meetings are for freelance subscribers to the MedComms Workbook only

    Venue: Global
    Date: 11.00 UK time, 18 October 2021

    We'll be joined this time by Katia Chrysostomou, a performance coach with a background in MedComms. We'd like to talk about supporting MedComms professionals and businesses to reach their full potential. Is freelancing allowing you to reach yours? Have you further to go? Has COVID-19 finally forced us all (clients, employers, individuals) to break down some of the invisible barriers to work and productivity? Can more people now flourish whatever their situation/circumstances (e.g. health issues, care needs, aging, etc)? Has COVID-19 inadvertently paved the way for inclusivity like never before? Or have we created unforeseen consequences (reduced chances for career progression etc)? Are inequalities worsening? Are freelance opportunities opening up or closing down because of increasingly flexible working by clients? How do you see freelance work changing, if at all? We will, as usual, have time and opportunity to chat about other issues facing the group.


    Setting goals and measuring results in MedComms

    Venue: Global
    Date: 12.00 midday UK time, 20 October 2021

    Hopefully we have come a long way from the days when we measured success simply in terms of numbers of seats filled at an event, for instance, and we think more about real impact and effecting behavioural change. Digital activities can now generate all manner of metrics to consider. Analytics is becoming a buzz word. But do those numbers mean anything in practice? In this webinar we ask; what should we record and track to get meaningful insights into the effectiveness of our MedComms programmes? For this panel discussion, we will be joined by James Hadfield (Strategy Director at Lucid Group), James Harper (Founder and Managing Director of 28b), Steven Inglis (Communications Director at Oxford PharmaGenesis) and Liz Stutz (Director of Scientific Services at And we answer questions from the audience.


    Equity and open access: the Open Pharma recommendations for plain language summaries

    Venue: Global
    Date: 12.00 midday UK time, 27 October 2021

    The Open Pharma recommendations for plain language summaries of peer-reviewed medical journal publications were published in Current Medical Research and Opinion in September this year. These recommendations are a concise outline of a minimum standard that provides top-line guidance on plain language summaries for authors, medical writers, publishers, and research funders. In this webinar, for Open Access Week 2021, we hear from two co-authors of the recommendations from the MedComms and pharma/biotech industries, as well as from a publisher and a patient representative. They will provide diverse stakeholder perspectives on how plain language summaries, equity in medical publishing and open access go hand in hand. Our panellists will be Slavka Baronikova (Galapagos), Adeline Rosenberg (Oxford PharmaGenesis) and Kelly Soldavin (Taylor and Francis) and Alan Thomas (Ataxia and Me). And we answer questions from the audience.


    Hybrid healthcare comms - is it the perfect blend or a recipe for disaster?

    Venue: Global
    Date: 12.00 midday UK time, 03 November 2021

    The long-term impact of COVID-19 is not fully known, but it is fair to assume that travel restrictions will likely continue across parts of the world for some time, local guidelines will vary and the road to recovery will differ from place to place. Progress is being made, but the reality is life may never return to what it once was pre-pandemic. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. What does this mean for healthcare communications? We adapted quickly to a fully virtual world when the pandemic hit; we pivoted, we established new opportunities, and we found a way to engage and communicate. Now, though, as we are shifting to a world where we're not fully in person nor virtual, what lessons can we take into hybrid communications, and how can we embrace this opportunity to create experiences that will resonate? Will combining physical and virtual aspects create a perfect communications blend or be a recipe for disaster? In this webinar, Emma Lemon, Andy Scott and Natalie Turner from AXON Communications will discuss the opportunities and challenges of the new hybrid era for the healthcare communications industry. And we answer questions from the audience.


    Tips for successful job hunting in MedComms

    Venue: Global
    Date: 12.00 midday UK time, 10 November 2021

    MedComms is booming! There's a lot of work to be done and recruitment activity in our sector has never been busier at all levels. In this webinar, we are joined by Maybellene Kisseih, Maz Reive and Julia Walton, all Specialist Recruiters from Media Contacts who offer some practical advice. Whether you are looking for an entry-level job in MedComms or looking to move onwards and upwards, we'll help you think about how you can prepare for success. Questions from the audience will be welcomed.


    FirstMedCommsJob: Working as a medical publications professional

    Venue: Global
    Date: 12.00 midday UK time, 17 November 2021

    In this webinar, we're joined by representatives from Envision Pharma Group, sponsors of our annual FirstMedCommsJob careers guide, "Ensuring timely dissemination of research: A guide to working as a medical publications professional". We'll talk about the roles involved in the publications management team and discuss the ethical and regulatory environment within which medical publications professionals work. And we answer questions from the audience.



    Venue: Global
    Date: 12.00 midday UK time, 24 November 2021

    More details coming soon...

    For more information, please contact Peter Llewellyn]


    Venue: Global
    Date: 12.00 midday UK time, 01 December 2021

    More details coming soon...

    For more information, please contact Peter Llewellyn]

    Meet the Medical Publishers

    Venue: Global
    Date: 12.00 midday UK time, 08 December 2021

    This is a valuable opportunity to hear directly from the publishers about their journals, their unique working practices and their plans for the coming year. A lively panel discusses current developments and future trends in publishing. On our panel we have Caroline Halford (Digital Publishing Manager at Springer Healthcare), Hamish McDougall (Publishing Solutions Manager at SAGE Publishing), Jonathan Patience (Commissioning Team Manager at Taylor and Francis) and Joanne Walker (Head of Publishing Solutions at Future Science Group). And we answer questions from the audience



    Venue: Global
    Date: 12.00 midday - 14.30 UK time, 15 December 2021

    We're planning another extended webinar session to end the current series. More details coming soon...

    For more information, please contact Peter Llewellyn]


    Bear with us while we recover from the non-stop weekly routine of #MedComms webinars. We'll take a break here for Christmas and return in January. To catch up on the recordings, please visit

    [If you have any questions about future activities, or suggestions for future topics and speakers, please contact Peter Llewellyn]

    Prepare for success

    Venue: Global
    Date: 10.00-12.00 UK time, 07 February 2022

    This specialist workshop is for anyone applying for an entry-level job in MedComms. It is subsidised by the Sponsors of FirstMedCommsJob. This workshop will be led by Julia Walton and Maz Reive, Recruitment Consultants from Media Contacts, who both specialise in working with clients and candidates in MedComms and the wider healthcare communications businesses.



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