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This global initiative facilitates networking and dialogue amongst individuals working in and around the pharmaceutical industry and MedComms, focusing on specialist medical education, medical communications and medical publishing activities.
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    MedComms Networking - 13 April 2021


    First off, many thanks to Jon Lynne-Davies (TrendMD), Ana Bozas (Director, Global Medical Communications, Akcea Therapeutics) and Jamie Weiss (Head of Global Publications, LEO Pharma) for joining last week's #MedComms webinar to discuss the role of publication extender technologies and solutions, and to reflect on the wider question of extending the reach of medical publications. All too often in days gone by, it seemed the focus was simply on getting a paper published. Then moving on to the next one. I remember questions like "did anyone read it?" let alone "did they act on it?" being discouraged! Take the opportunity to stream the free recording. Maybe use it as the basis of your own team lunch and learn meetings. Talk about how these issues relate to your own work. All feedback appreciated.

    We're talking more about extending the reach of publications next week, when four publishers will share some real life case histories that demonstrate opportunities that can be exploited now. So, videos, podcasts, PLS, infographics, microsites and more. Join us. Everyone's welcome. We've already attracted a large crowd to that one and the more the merrier. Many thanks to Caroline Halford (Springer Healthcare), Hamish McDougall (SAGE Publishing), Kelly Soldavin (Taylor and Francis) and Joanne Walker (Future Science Group) for joining the panel.

    Meanwhile, tomorrow's webinar also deserves a large crowd. We'll talk about User Experience (UX), so with a particular focus on digital projects. We've all launched something and THEN realised our intended users can't use it! Sometimes all it needed was some common sense at the start (come on, we know that's true!). Sometimes it needed more formal research and thought. I'll be joined by Dan Buckland and Tom Evans, specialists from Brandcast Health for an introduction to the UX discipline, how it should be integrated into a project process, what value it can add, and how working with a UX consultant can bridge the gap between strategy, content and design. Again, gather your colleagues, grab some cake, for what promises to offer some good, practical advice.

    Meanwhile, many of you are attending this week's 17th Annual Meeting of The International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP). For those who aren't, follow hashtag #ISMPP17AM and find a small, but lively, group of Tweeters sharing news. It's virtual again. At one stage not so long ago, it was expected to be a face-to-face meeting. Then advertised as a hybrid meeting. Now it's all virtual.

    The events business remains hugely uncertain and planning any size of meeting is surely a nightmare for all!

    As everyone debates right and wrong ways of going forwards, here's news of a useful white paper to download, from Matthew Strawbridge of Ashfield MedComms in Change for good: the virtual congress audience is too big to be ignored. There's a lot to think about in there, but I confess I simply don't think any of us really knows quite what will happen. What do you think?

    Stay well everyone. There's lots more coming.


    Peter Llewellyn
    Managing Director, NetworkPharma Ltd
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